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Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

Federico fellini

Nosh and Grub is brought to you by Sarah and Aadini – two food lovers with a love for food, laughter and sharing. Nosh and Grub was started as an idea and a platform to share our love for food and cooking with others with the same passion.

The recipes on this blog is brought to you by Sarah. One of her passion in life is cooking if she’s not out hunting food with her friends and family. She loves to experiment and play around with different ingredients and create new tastes. At the same time, she loves farming and gardening. Having an agricultural lifestyle is one of her dreams. You can follow her on twitter to keep updated for the latest updates on her quest to eat and cook.

Aadini is the writer, editor and food lover of this blog who wishes she can cook but is content enough to eat food prepared by others. When she’s not out searching every nook and cranny for food and ideas, she binge watches her favourite TV shows and movies. She loves watching rain, thunderstorms and waves by the beach and want nothing more than to sit under the night sky and catch a shooting star. You can follow her on twitter for her musings and somewhat funny anecdotes.


We hope you enjoy the contents here and we will continue posting valuable and quality updates weekly.


Lots of ❤❤❤

The Nosh and Grub team