Cocoa By The Beach

written by Sarah Michael Griffin November 11, 2018

Creative Cocktails are often given a name by people, situation, experience, and excitement; but this cocktail was created by a Chef and a Mixologist.

The chef had an outstanding idea of foraging local product and using it for cuisine purpose, but when he got his hand on a Cocoa fruit, he had an insane idea of infusing it with Vodka. The chef went all out and mad about fermenting the beans and dehydrating it.

Once dehydration, the chef was looking for a spirit to infused it; and he came across a bottle of Vodka. Putting the beans in the bottle, it was able to gently release the taste and aroma.

Once being infused, it was handed over to the mixologist to work his magic. With the “tiki” surrounding, the mixologist decided to create a tiki cocktail using Cocoa infused Vodka.

It consists of Cocoa infused Vodka, Ceylon Arrack, Pineapple Juice, Lime Concentrate, and Banana Liqueur. And of course, the mixologist that we mentioning about who shake this wonderful creative cocktail is Surinder Virk who works for Four Seasons Langkawi, Malaysia.

Why not check his IG up for more beautiful and creative cocktails Click Here


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