Espora Spain Premium Non-Alcoholic Wine

written by Sarah Michael Griffin May 23, 2017

If you’re looking for wine, but you’ve sworn off alcohol for a year after that last binge-drinking at new year where you woke up with a horrible hangover and a promise to not take another sip for a year, then you should try Espora’s Premium non-alcoholic wines.

Even if you’re not an alcoholic, but want a taste of the fine quality wine grapes in a bottle, these are the ones to try. Most importantly is that these wines are HALAL, which means you get to drink it even if you’re someone who follows the Halal certification rules. One bottle would be about RM48 but you can get a better price for bulk orders. Maybe you don’t want a drunk uncle to mess up your next wedding reception, so you can let him chug down a whole bottle and have a worry free party.

I’ve tried them myself and loved it and downing a whole bottle wasn’t going to make me wake up with regrets. If you’re interested to purchase them, you can email them at :

Otherwise, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on their latest products.

Seriously, try it!

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