Ezy Delites

written by Sarah Michael Griffin February 27, 2018

A call and a catch-up with a good old friend at SP before she leaves, while I rush back from Butterworth. Hmm, a quick decision to make for a place to hang out for a quick tête-à-tête. Well lost for any place to suggest, I went along with my friend’s option- Ezy Delitès. New place, and both of us never ventured in, the cafe was only opened on the 26th August 2017.

Laid-back, warm and inviting -perfect place to catch up with an old friend

A warm welcome by the staffs already made me feel at ease and at home. A cozy and comfortable yet chic ambience.  Menu was passed around, flipping through it, a coffee session just turned me to order their Mee Goreng Tambak. The name itself got me curious. Yes, they do serve some good looking steaks, pastas, chops and seafoods, but the “Tambak” dish just caught my eyes.

Our respective cups of Cappuccino (front) and Mocha (back)

We’ve ordered our coffees (Cappuccino and Mocha) and “The- Mee Goreng Tambak”.  It didn’t take long for our Cappuccino and Mocha to arrive.  Taking a sip of our drinks, both were really smooth and just delightfully well balanced. Not too creamy, sweet nor bitter. I do realise that the way each and everyone’s taste for coffee is subjective but I can assure that each sip from these cuppas wouldn’t disappoint you.

The fried mee arrived within 10 minutes later upon ordering.  The aromatic whiff  wafting through the space, and reaching our nostrils  while the waitress made each step closer to our table made us salivating. The smokey- charred aroma just whets my appetite, what more when the  bowl of mee came out just the way it was shown in the menu. Crowned by two large, succulent prawns deep-fried and quartered cherry tomatoes, served along with a slice of lime and soy sauce and chilies. It tastes smokey with a slight charred sweetness that comes from the dry stir-fry and the sweet soy sauce. Digging further inside, there were mustard greens, tofu puff, mashed soft tofu, egg- scrambled, and a generous amount of squid rings and chicken slices well coated with the sweet smokey sauce. Each mouthful just heightening our eating experience. I was thinking of returning back some time and do a full run through their menu, but meanwhile their “Mee” just made me write about it.

Chic and cozy ambience with warm and friendly staffs- a perfect place to dine-in

As we do not have much time to spend around, we made a quick move. The over-all experience made us wanting to come back despite the rush. The value the food quality is in par with each other. Simple and tasty food yet affordable, add good service, to it just makes the whole experience pleasant. Parking wasn’t an issue as there were ample by the road along the shop lots.

Opening time is at : 12 noon till 11 pm.

Friday: 3pm till 11pm


Plan well before heading here. 😉



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