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A regular at their previous place- Cozy in the Rocket. That was my best spot to hang out for a good food and a quiet and comfortable place (psst- not during peak hours).  Over sometime, I got carried away with my own things and life, and drifted away from here. Soon only to find out that they have closed. Disappointed at the moment, as I assumed that-that was it, my favorite spot is gone now totally and that I couldn’t taste any of their good food. Worst than losing a lover, cause you know deep down you will never get it back. Until one day when I was going through my instagram and found Jaloux. As I was scrolling through their post, and found the owner looks familiar. So yep, that what made me to set a day aside just to visit it with my loved one again. Even my man crumbled into tears when he couldn’t find them back, but oh the joy in his eyes when I told him that I have  found them back. While back then Cozy in the Rocket is well known for their hand-made pastas. Their moto is to bring a good wholesome home-cooked meal prepared from scratch to the table. They are able to prosecute rusticity with a modern twist. A meal prepared with love and languidness. I would always suggest Jaloux to those who prefer a laid-back eating experience. Not recommended for people in hurry, waiting to get somewhere else.  It ain’t yer Mc Donalds y’all!
Adressed at: 24, Lebuh King, George Town, 10200, Pulau Pinang.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1467802039930410/jaloux/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaloux24/


A lush green spot, in an old building- what else can I ask for more. Here behold comfort.

Opening up in a street filled with old buildings, it evokes a feeling of being in an old village in Italy. Especially with its greenaries, well placed. Forming a cozy spot, and a relief for the eyes admits the concretes.


Their counter view from our table.


Breathtaking beauty in its simplicity.

Just like an Italian Nona’s Kitchen- with hanging drying herbs, and jars of seasonings on the counter.

Picture perfect views. Jaloux is a small space with limited staffs- if you are opting to make a reservation please do inform the owner earlier via whatsapp or mesengger, as suggested by them and walk-ins are most welcomed.

the old meets the new- the very old antique fan beside an air conditioner


Something modern hidden in its rustic outlook.


Food is served- I’m like a happy puppy. Elated!

The Lady Boss directed us to our seats with a smiley face, and went on the previous customer before passing us the menu. A lot of work , I can say, for one Lady to go through during such time. Yet she manged to pull it off so professionally efficient. When we were ready, she came in to pick our orders. We have chosen their Tajarin Carbonarra and  Tagliatelle Marinara Gambero for main, Bitter Lemons for both of us to quench out and for dessert- their Matcha Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka Syrup. About half-an-hour later our food arrived. A delightful moment for us. As we’ve been waiting for sometime to taste back their kitchen goodness.


Tagliatelle Marinara Gambero

On the plate I assumed that I was welcomed with one huge prawn, but to my surprise there wasn’t only one or two but three huge prawns while I was digging into my Tagliatelle. Every mouthful was pure divine! I love the fact that the taste of herbs, onion and garlic coming through the sauce and blends delightfully well with the pasta. Back at home I would usually add a dash of wine into the dish with some capers and spices, but hey, their simplicity have won me!


Tajarin Carbonarra

If you are looking for a true authentic Carbonarra, look no further from Jaloux. Mostly, in other Cafe’s they would have been serving everyone the adulterated version of Carbonarra with loads of cream and cheese and milk. In a true Carbonarra, the ingredients are kept simple. A good hand-made pasta with fresh eggs with golden orangey yolks, Parmigiano and Pancetta are all the ingredients needed to make a true blue traditional  Carbonarra.  This is what being served in Jaloux, but with good crispy bacon, further enhancing your Carbonarra’s flavour and texture. Please forget what you have ate in other Cafe’s calling “Cream sauced Pastas” as Carbonarra- that is indeed a sacrilege to the Italians!



Matcha Panna-Cotta served with Gula Melaka


Jaloux isn’t just famous for their pastas but also for their Panna-Cotta as well. According to season, they would change their Panna-Cotta’s flavours. On the day that me and my Boo went they were serving Matcha Panna-Cotta with Gula Melaka. Smooth velvety soft, slides easily into my spoon and melts in my mouth. The Panna-Cotta isn’t sweet, but when you combine it with the Gula Melaka syrup it will hit you straight up to the seventh heaven. On its own, it is delectable. An orgasmic experience I would say. Overall, by hooks or crooks get yourself here to experience what these folks’ got to serve. Love and Passion in every single mouthful of food.


Click in, to see how jiggly-wobbly their panna cotta is.

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