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written by Sarah Michael Griffin September 26, 2018

  Today I’ve managed to visit this place called ‘Kocik Kitchen’ in Malacca. Malacca is well known for their culture which is the Peranakan, or Baba Nyonya in another way of saying. Been planning to dine in here two weeks ago, all because I have stumbled upon this place by a follower on my Instagram while scrolling. At first, it was the Durian Cendol post, looking so good and mouth-watering in that picture. So, I decided to dig in more info about this place, it seems like there is a lot of positive feedback and their Cendol is delicious, especially the Durian Cendol. A friendly reminder, the Durian Cendol is not served daily. It’s a seasonal thing, don’t get frustrated if you came all the way there just for the Durian Cendol. But hey, the normal Cendol taste great too, with thick and rich coconut milk, add in their local Gula Melaka, fuhhh~~heaven!!!


Well, some may not agree with me the Cendol part tasted like heaven. For me, I love food, very much enjoying each different taste from every different person who makes the food or dessert. I know there is many out there are much better and tastier, but always remember that everyone has their own unique taste. Alright, enough about the Cendol part, let’s move on.  While waiting for the food, I managed to read some of their story on the menu. Maybe you guys might want to read it too.


The ambiance, I love to look at those old school Peranakan wooden shelves, the flower enamel tray, and others kitchen utensils. I went all the way here not just for the Cendol, I was super hungry as well. I decided to have plain hot rice with some dishes to go with it.  So the first dish I’ve ordered which is the Sotong Tempra, trust me, I keep reading many times and thinking could they wrongly spell TEMPURA? Then I look at the small picture they have at the tiny side corner of the menu, it was like a soy-based sauce with a lot of onions & spring onions. Nowadays we always google for everything haha!!! And yes, I google the words ‘tempra’ to understand more what dish is that. According to the ingredients sound so familiar as my late grandmother used to always cooked. And guess what, it is. I did not regret ordering this dish, it does bring back memory cause it been a long time since I haven’t eaten this dish. There is a name in Chinese for this dish but I couldn’t remember it. Forgot to mention to my fellow overseas friends, Sotong means squid. And Tempra means wok fry or braised method with dark soy sauce, sugar, onions, pepper with a squeeze of lime.

Sotong Tempra (Braised Squid)

Now, the next dish I’ve ordered is my favorite Cincalok Omelette. Cincalok is quite famous in Penang and Malacca, is a fermented krill, very tiny little shrimps, we Malaysian call it Udang Geragau.  Is also one of my must-have condiment in my kitchen. I also ordered Pai Tee and a small platter of Otak-otak & Chicken Rolls. Pai Tee is a thin crust shell filled with a mixture of thinly sliced vegetables and their homemade chili sauce on top. Some will put prawns or Ikan Bilis (dried anchovy) in it.  Otak-otak is a groundfish meat (fish cake like) mixed with spiced and tapioca flour.  Lastly is the Chicken rolls wrapped with tofu skin.

Cincalok Omelette


Pai Tee


Otak-otak & Chicken Rolls

Hope you guys have a good read. And do drop by and try their food out. Parking wise will be difficult during peak hours. And if you do find a spot to park your car, please use parking ticket, I did use the parking ticket but unfortunately, I was late by 5 minutes and I got my SAMAN (summons). What a day~

Location Map: Click Here

Tel: 016-929 6605

More info please do visit their Facebook




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