Nyonya Baba Cuisine

written by Sarah Michael Griffin April 22, 2017

The Nyonya Baba Cuisine restaurant is at Jalan Nagore in Penang. If you’re not too familiar with Penang, we’d suggest you use a GPS app like Waze or Google Maps. If you’re quite familiar with Penang, but not too sure where this road is, you’ll need to find yourself at least along the New World Park or Tune Hotel  road (Jalan Burma) and turning right just after New World Park will lead you to Jalan Nagore.

The Nyonya Baba restaurant is one of the many restaurants located in a row on your left. The day we went there was the week of the Lunar New Year and the ninth day celebration was going on in Weld Quay, so we were the only group in that restaurant – which was a good thing as it was rather small and stuffy – albeit the good service.

The food didn’t take too long to be served as well. We ordered the Pai Tee first as an entree. It’s made of shredded yambean (which is called mengkuang in Malay – and yes I had to google the English name as I’ve never used the word yam bean in my life). The chilli sauce that it was served in was the best – with just the right amount of garlicky and onion taste.


Pai Tee


Our main course was rice with Curry Kapitan, which is basically curry chicken, more shredded yam beans which were stir fried with dried shrimps and carrots – wrap it with lettuce and dip it in that heavenly chilli sauce and it tastes oh so perfect. We also had otak otak (which is fish meat wrapped in banana leaf) and loh bak, which are pork meat wrapped in soybean sheets and deep fried.

The price was quite right as well. If you’re looking for simple nyonya food, I’d definitely recommend this place.


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