Pasta at Chocolate Passion Cafe, Penang

written by Sarah Michael Griffin May 29, 2017

We’ve always gone to Chocolate Passion Cafe to sit for hours, working on this website and our previous wordpress blog as well, but every time we went there, our go-to dish would be the desserts – be it the awesome churros or one of the many chocolate truffles.

However, this time we went at about lunch hour so our stomachs were growling up a storm, demanding to be fed. So we headed up to the 6th floor to our usual spot, right beside the window (shades down of course, curse the hot weather of Malaysia) and ordered pasta this time.

We only managed to try two pastas, as hungry as we are, we can’t really eat more than one portion, right?

I had the Prawn and Chicken pasta while Sarah had the Salted Egg and Prawn Pasta.

I enjoyed my pasta, although there was a bitter aftertaste, probably because of the spices. Sarah loved her pasta, but we noted that there was too much egg on the pasta, the ratio being not proportionate to the pasta. Overall, it wasn’t too bad and we’d love to try the other pastas on the menu.

Salted Egg and Prawn Pasta

Prawn and Chicken Pasta


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