Pik Nik Cafe, Penang

written by Sarah Michael Griffin April 22, 2017

After our early dinner at the Nyonya Baba Cuisine,  we headed over to Piknik for some desserts and to wind down before going grocery shopping. Piknik is located along Jalan Nagore as well, just a short walk away from the Nyonya Baba Cuisine restaurant. The decorations were very urban with a touch of DIY – from the lights made from plastic baskets, to the murals on the walls and also the cafe’s catchphrase “Good Friends Never Bojio” (Where Bo Jio roughly translates to not being invited – a common Hokkien phrase said between friends when one goes out and not invite the other – usually said in a friendly manner) spray-painted on the tables and walls.

Interior Decorations lights fixed inside of common plastic baskets

walls decorated with chalk writings, and gumball machine (not sure if it works though)

good friends never not invite their friends. 😛

The Black Magic Waffle is amazing. Don’t let the name fool you – you won’t have the sudden notions to start chanting magical prayers in the forest (insert weird cackling here) – it was the name that made us want to try it, anyways. Chocolates always makes our mouth water.

Black Magic Waffle

The Waffle Salmonster was more savoury than sweet – waffle with smoked salmon and egg on top – not a common combination, but it actually worked and tasted really good.

Waffle Salmonster

The Classic Salmon has the texture of croissants with salmon filling and it was really good as well.

Classic Salmon

The Sateh chicken burger was just like having your regular satay (chicken meat marinated with sauce and barbecued ) inside burger buns.

For dessert, we had Double Chocolate Cake – once again, chocolate, ‘nuff said.

Double Chocolate Cake

There are many beverages to choose from and they also served beers, but we got Apple Cider instead.

Espresso and Apple Cider

So if next time you pass that area, you could try this place out.


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