Restoran Nasi Padang Laguna

written by Sarah Michael Griffin December 4, 2017

Restoran Nasi Padang Laguna is always a shop that I frequent most of the time. Yet I take it for granted , without checking out further on their menu. My usual here would always be white rice with some “masak lemak” vegetables, aubergine”sambal” with two “begedils” (  deep fried potato patties).  Always doing take-outs, I have decided to eat in. Clean restaurant I would say, especially manned only by 3 people at the time that I arrived. Apart from their self serviced “Nasi Padang” which is a must-try, they too have “Soto”, “Lontong”, “Nasi Lemak” , “Bakso” and “Nasi Ayam Penyet”.

Restraining myself from going to my normal menu- which is actually a hard thing to do, when they have “Lauks” cooked to perfection, I picked the one that they advertised on their wall- Nasi Ayam Penyet ( set meal with Sirap Limau-😍 my favourite sweet tangy drink ) that goes for only RM 9.00.  It didn’t take them long to serve the rice. Minutes after I’ve been seated by the owner (yes, she does all the waitressing and cashiering around sometimes with the help of her husband) my food arrived.

Couldn’t wait to dig in, I tried the soup first. Piping hot, it’s garnished with good amount of coriander and fried onions complementing the bovine broth-as the flavour is strong with a light hint of gaminess, which made it all the more perfect. The number one important item that crowns the whole Nasi Ayam Penyet’s eating experience : It’s Sambal. I personally find it milder, heat-wise, but I can rest assure that it is goes well as rest of the taste is retained. The chicken is tender and crispy especially with their herb mixture that gives a subtle flavour.  I would definitely wished for more sambal, but the portion served is standard every where else.

Would I recommend? Of course I do!  Owh, try out their Nasi Padang too, you’ll be satisfied with the amount of dishes served there, you would never run out of choices.




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