Sambal Durian Meroyan by Zaty’s

written by Sarah Michael Griffin April 13, 2018

The word “Meroyan” mean unstable emotion in Malay. Hence the name of the sambal as “Sambal Durian Meroyan” this Durian sambal will disturb your emotions and brings instability.

I’ve been eyeing it for sometime already, only that I never get the chance to visit foodmarket’s store when I came down to Kuala Lumpur.  So I’ve been “meroyan-ing” ever since to get a taste of it. Till lately. Good new through mail. A friend of mine got me the goodies from Food Market for me. I was totally blissed out when I found out what I got in my mail. I received a package of “Pekasam”, “Sambal Durian Meroyan-*screams internally out of excitement*, and lastly “Sambal Fig Ikan Bilis”. Today, I’m going to dedicate this post for the Durian Sambal that made me “Meroyan” for it for so long.

This sambal is made out mainly of “Tempoyak- fermented Durian Flesh”, “Ikan Bilis- Dried Anchovies”,  and “Petai Slices- Stink Beans”.  Taste-wise it has mild heat. Thick creamy texture with bits of ikan bilis and little slices of petai to give the extra oomph in the sambal. It is a totally  worthwhile investment on this bottle of instant sambal. Something that is ready in a jiffy, right off the bottle yet, retaining its authentic taste.

For serving suggestion, I would recommend to keep it simple. So that we can taste the many flavours that going through the sambal. My best bet always will be steaming hot rice, served along with sambal and egg. Over here, I have served it with some Ulams and Hard Boiled Egg (hehe, trying to be healthy).
You can get it online at :

A little run through the health benefits of the Ulams used:-
Parsley:  Natural Diuretics, Helps in Relieving Bloating, Good for Kidney Stones, Urinary Track Infections and Gallbladder Infections.


Pegaga: Aids in detoxifying the kidney, liver and skin. Anti-viral, anti-oxidant, and anti-septic. Blood purifier, and good for increasing memory.


Beluntas: Good for eliminating body odour, heals stomach ulcers, reduces flatulence, overcoming rheumatism and stops the white discharge for women.

Belalai Gajah: good for treating cancer, and tumors.  Helps in preventing kidney malfunctions and diabetes.  Reduces uric acids in the body, reduces blood pressures and cholesterol.



on the bottom left: our cekur

Cekur: Relieves headaches, influenza and sprains, aids in treating diarrhea and purifies the blood.


tiny potent leaves

Sireh Cina: Reduces Gout, treats diarrhea, alternative or reducing blood pressure, treats Urinary Track Infections.


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