Samyang Bulgogi Ramen

written by Sarah Michael Griffin October 10, 2018

  Bulgogi Ramen by Samyang Foods Malaysia.
This is the 3rd flavour I’m trying out today. Bulgogi plainly means fire meat, marinated thin slices meat with brown sugar, soy sauce, plum sauce, onion, etc.
For this Bulgogi Ramen, you don’t have to add much of stuff in it. I only add some vegetables in it, and you are good to go. 

   The taste itself already good by adding some veg it will add more sweetness to it. If you guys love meat,   you can get yourself some slices meat marinates with brown sugar, soy sauce, plum sauce, and minced garlic, pan seared it and serve with Bulgogi Ramen. You will love it.

For others new flavours from Samyangplease do check out my previous post for Topokki Ramen &  JjaJang Ramen. Thank you for hopping in guys, much appreciated.

New four flavours by Samyang



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