Samyang Kimchi Ramen

written by Sarah Michael Griffin October 10, 2018

Kimchi Ramen by Samyang Foods Malaysia.
  This is the fourth flavour I’m going to taste today. Serves it with my best friend her very own homemade Kimchi. Add in some Shimeji mushrooms, red and green chili. Kimchi is one of my most favorite side dish to have to tell the truth. Either I homemade it myself or my friends will homemade it and gave me a few tubs for me to munch just like that.

  One thing I love about Kimchi Ramen by Samyang is the sourness and spicy is there, not so overpowering type of spiciness. As for me, I naturally love the extra kick of sourness and spiciness. Therefore, I added in some homemade kimchi, taste terrific. 


If you have yet caught the other three flavours, do hop in and read all about it and let me know what do you think and would you give them a try?


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