Samyang Topokki Ramen

written by Sarah Michael Griffin October 9, 2018
  Today I’m trying out the next flavour, which is the TOPOKKI by Samyang Food Malaysia. If you haven’t watched the previous flavour JjaJang Ramen, do check out the previous post here  Samyang JjaJang Ramen .
  Topokki Ramen, this is one tricky flavour to make. You can’t pour in too much water for the sauce, the packaging may state that using 350ml water. But I have to reduce it around 200ml so that you will have that thick sauce like how tteokbokki sauce supposes to be. The last 1 minute put in the fish cakes in, garnish it with roasted sesame seeds & some chopped spring onion. Here is the fast speed video for how I prepared this noodle.
The spiciness is just nice, love it with the fish cakes. Trust me, if you can add in extra rice cakes and mix it with this Samyang Topokki Ramen, it would be perfect.

Samyang Topokki Ramen

Do give it a try and happy cooking. Below is the new flavours by Samyang Food Malaysia.

New four flavours by Samyang

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