Sg. Dua Mee Udang ~ L.A. Tea Garden

written by Sarah Michael Griffin December 8, 2017

It was totally unthought of. A long drive to our planned destination-the Mee Udang at the corner of the highway, turned into a disappointment when my friend and I found out that it was closed. Sigh…

Well, our random rendezvous in a cold rainy day seemed fruitless at the moment. Despite that, we were determined to try out the Mee Udang. Never have we an idea of what it would taste like, spurred our curiosity even further. Hence we drove off to the next best destination we knew at the moment: Kampung Teluk, Sg. Dua. The frustration was there, but our sense of adventure peaked along.  Reaching there, we found out that there are many eateries to try out. From Gulai Kawah, Ikan Bawal, Char Kuey Teow and so on, there were so many stalls to choose from.

We strengthen our will and ignored out all the temptation to swerve else where, sticking to our guns to get the Mee Udang.  As we drove slowly, we found this shop, L.A. Tea Garden- which looked really inviting on a rainy day.  I was impressed by the deco, stones, trees, ponds with fish and to add, clean too. It is dreamy. To add, they have an open kitchen too.

Getting to their menu, they have two. One for their Western Food, and another for Asian Food. From spaghetti to chops and ice creams, and various styled noodles, all got our eyes. It was almost tempting for my friend and I to try them out all, but we have got to remind ourselves of our Mee Udang Mission. It was especially hard, since we sat nearby the open kitchen, and watched as the foods coming out for serving.

Definitely a place I’d run into on a cold rainy day

Our order of two mee udang with sirap limau and iced coffe was received with an open smile by the sweet waitress. There is one thing to be cautious about on which mee udang we want. There is the normal sized prawns, then there is the Sea Prawns- the one we choose. They have their own weighing system, so each person will get about 2 or 3 big prawns depending on their weight.

Taste wise: On the first spoon- it tasted almost like the mee rebus sauce. Only that this sauce is lighter and are made with tomato base. The mee is served with a generous amount of the light sauce with some mustard leaves, carrots and red chilies, garnished with some scallions and crispy fried onions. Owh, and not forgetting the soft silky poached egg that crowns our mee, oozing its gold liquid when we break it. Wait, since it is Mee Udang, how did the prawn taste? It is sweet, and fresh with a slight briny taste to it. Which compliments the whole dish. I wish they had more. Those juicy  succulent prawns 😍. The price for each of our Mee Udang cost RM20 respectively.

Our refreshing cuppa!


Our tummy’s are filled but we still have that one place to check out now, since we came across those other shops. But is this Mee Udang worth it? We’ll give it a yes, till we find some others who can come up with something even more delicious than this one. 😉


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