TLM Food & Beverage Expo – Penang ~PART1

written by Sarah Michael Griffin December 2, 2017

Who was/is involved: TLM Food and Beverage Expo is hosted by TLM Event Sdn Bhd, for all the food lovers out there. As many as 100 over food and beverage companies were involved today and will be, for the next coming two days.

Where: Setia Subterranean Penang International Convention & Exhibition Centre (Spice Arena), Concourse Level 3.

When: 1- 3 December 2017, Friday till Sunday, 11am till 9pm.

The Itinerary for the Expo: Picture taken from TLM Food & Beverage Expo’s Facebook Page

Let’s give it a try? Well, that was in my head when I first received an invite to attend today’s Expo. Booked the day with my friend, to get into this event. Armed with no single clue on what to expect, except for the venue and date of the expo. Finding the venue wasn’t that hard, but while you are in the arena, it was like a whole new Labyrinth inside, as there were another Expo going on at the same time, organised by TLM too – for Babies. Assuming the crowd would have slowed down by noon, we went in at 1:30pm. We were proved wrong, as we stepped in. Throngs of people, walking and wading slowly like swarms of ants. Lunch hour plus Public Holiday ( Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) is a dead give-away but we ignored- should have taken the cue from the lack of parking space at the basement of the Convention Centre.  😏


First things first, we wondered where are the people? With an almost empty looking front. You wouldn’t be surprised. But that didn’t last for long till we entered in. We can say that this whole Expo is well planned and executed. If not we would have been facing hordes of people in disarray, wondering loosely around the vicinity.  That being cleared, now we come to the registration part. Wasn’t expecting it, but hey any event would definitely give out some goodies for us folks. The que looked long when we entered, but it moved fast surprisingly. Efficient staffs! This is the one that has been controlling the throngs of human beings inside the Expo. Enough said, lets’s move on to the yummy parts.

Our loots weren’t much for today but we did some good stuff to munch about and drink along. The first booth that caught our eyes was the tea booth- Zhao|Cha|Er. They carry assorted variety of health teas. If you are looking for alternatives to aid in your weight loss, why not give them a try?  From aiding digestions and improving liver health, they’ve got it. As for us we got ourselves the iced tea, tasted like Ribena to be honest but with added health benefit.


Next stop, the Pau station by TSL Bestmas! We got attracted by the fancy Pau’s. Grabbed the last remaining ones- The Panda, Chicken and Lilac Bear. There were actually five flavours to begin with: Kero Pi Frog Pau and a Brown Chicken along with the ones I have mentioned previously. This is one of the Halal stores around. They sell Frozen Siew Mais and Paus. 

*rubs hand* here comes the big reveal! Our  mouth-watering hot Paus! ~ Stay tuned with us for more! Do Pay a Visit to SPICE Arena!!! Many hot deals and best buy items are sold.

Herbed Tomato Chicken

Lotus and Yam paste


Chinese Barbecued

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