Trip to Melaka: What to eat and do there?

written by Sarah Michael Griffin July 13, 2017

Melaka (Malacca) is known as the Historical State of Malaysia. We drove all the way from Penang in the wee hours of the morning about 5 something and reached at about noon, or afternoon. It was a long and tiring journey. Obviously the plan was to sleep the night away and then start our journey exploring Jonker walk the next day.

Hotel stay in Melaka:

RC Hotel

RC Hotel wasn’t our first choice of accommodation for our trip to Melaka, but it turned out to be a place I’d want to go back to again.

The service was pleasant and good – which includes the front office, the bar and even the restaurant. The ambience was amazing for people like us who don’t like noise and crowd. We could sit outside, at the river front, under the night sky and warm breeze (until 10pm of course, because that is when the bar closes).

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What we ate in Melaka:


After a long, almost half a day of travel from Penang to Melaka, we checked in the hotel and asked if there was any place nearby that we can go to for lunch and they pointed out to places so far away that we were just too tired to travel to. Luckily Sarah saw this baba nyonya cuisine shop nestled quietly beside RC Hotel in the heart of Melaka town. We decided to try it anyways, although we hadn’t planned on it in the first place.

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This was by far the hardest place for us to look for – because of nearsightedness. We actually passed this area before actually going onto the next lane and doubling back again. The name of the restaurant was on the roof so we didn’t notice it when we passed it.

This shop is famous for its cendol and laksa.

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What we did in Melaka:

The main place to visit as a tourist is of course, Jonker Street. There are so many things to see and buy there. I went crazy at the souvenir shop, buying trinkets for family members. One thing we tried was the chicken rice balls, which were basically just normal chicken rice, but the rice are rolled up into balls.

We also went for the night river cruise which can be booked through our hotel and on the last day, we took the Menara Taming Sari ride. It was about 7 minutes of rotation, with view of the whole of Melaka town. Enjoy the pictures we snapped below.


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