Wild Coriander, Melaka

written by Sarah Michael Griffin July 12, 2017

After a long, almost half a day of travel from Penang to Melaka, we checked in the hotel and asked if there was any place nearby that we can go to for lunch and they pointed out to places so far away that we were just too tired to travel to. Luckily Sarah saw this baba nyonya cuisine shop nestled quietly beside RC Hotel in the heart of Melaka town. We decided to try it anyways, although we hadn’t planned on it in the first place.

Read about our trip to Melaka here.

Surprisingly, the food was actually great and we really enjoyed it.

Exterior of the restaurant

The entree was Pie Tee (although other spellings could even be pai tee) (RM8.80).  We loved the pai tee so much and the chilli was so good paired with the vege and the crispy shells.

Pai tee

The main dishes were Wild Coriander Special with beef rendang (RM21.50) and Nasi Lemak with beef rendang (RM18.50). They do have chicken rendang on the menu, but at that moment they only had beef rendang.

The Wild Coriander special was a variety of rice cooked four ways served with sambal, half boiled egg, sliced cucumber, pineapple and Nyonya pickles.  It was really good – although the whole plate may be a little too much for just one person to eat.

The nasi lemak wasn’t too bad either, although the sambal was a little to spicy for my taste.

Wild Coriander Special with beef rendang.


Nasi Lemak with beef rendang

Dessert was Kueh Ketayap (RM5) served with Coconut ice cream and let me tell you – years of eating this as a local kueh could not prepare me for the awesome taste of their dessert. The ice cream goes so well with the kueh ketayap, that I’m telling my mom to serve it with ice cream the next time she’s planning to make it at home.

Kueh Ketayap

Decorations on the wall

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