Yin’s Sourdough Pizza

written by Sarah Michael Griffin May 4, 2017

We went to Yin’s Sourdough Pizza the other day just to work on our blog page and to have some pizza. We decided to go there at about 6pm on a Sunday, so surprisingly there weren’t many people there. I would have expected it to be packed, but I guess people had elsewhere to be on a Sunday night.

So we were looking for a place where I could charge my laptop and work on the blog, unfortunately the normal tables and chairs have no outlets around them. So we had to choose the high chairs (bear in mind, I hate high chairs because gravity loves me, which means I can trip over a flat surface, let alone a high chair) as they had outlets under the table.

We had Margherita Pizza and let me tell you, that is one of the best pizza’s I’ve had in a while. I always love my pizza’s to have slices of chicken or something as topping, but the plain Margherita was so good, I didn’t crave any toppings at all. It was So GOOD! The seafood pizza on the pictures below was the one Sarah had on another trip that she went, previously.

Sarah had Matcha Latte while I had the Strawberry Tea. After eating we decided to get desserts so I chose the Peanut Butter cake and Sarah chose the Sesame Seed Cheesecake. I loved the Peanut butter cake – it was so creamy and good. Even the cheesecake was so good. I’d definitely come back to this place.


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